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K-TEX Transport Inc. offers a wide range of services and is able to provide practical training solutions in the area of Safety and Compliance in the Trucking Industry.

K-TEX Transport’s services cover all activities within a Safety department, including recurring events. We are able to customize every Policy, Professional Driver Manual, WSIB and Disability Insurance, Maintenance procedure, owner operator contract, etc in order to satisfy client needs.

The following is a complete list of the services we offer and the documents which we can customize for your use. As ours is a fast changing industry, if you don't see the service you are interested in contact us.

1. Company Policies

Documents Additional Services
  • Company Safety Policy
  • Driver Hiring Policy
  • Drug and Alcohol Policy
  • Company Maintenance Policy
  • customization of the Policies as required by the client

2. Driver Hiring Procedure, Orientation, Professional Driver Manual

Documents Additional Services
We offer a set of application documents for hiring drivers and Owner operators. All documents are in compliance with the Regulations of FMCSA and MTO.
  • Minimum driver training as mandated by FMCSA
  • New Driver Orientation Program
  • Applicant tests
  • Operational Driver Manual.
  • Driver application.
  • Pre-employment Drug test.
  • Driver evaluation on the road.
  • Orientation: Pre-trip inspection, HOS, Drive shifting, Defensive driving, Reefer safe loading performance, Maintenance, and Z Endorsement (Air brakes requirements).

3. Company Safety Rating

  • Company profile in Canada – CVOR Level 2, Web Site accessibility
  • Safety profile for drivers
  • Safety profile for companies. Preparing a company for audit.
  • Company registration with CVOR, applications and instructions.
  • CVOR updating form, application and instructions.
  • Conviction Code Table.
  • Company safety profile in USA – CSA 2010, Web site accessibility.
  • Inspection levels in USA, Inspection checklist.
  • Driver disqualification, OOS.
  • Preventive accidents, Uniform safety program.
  • Analysis of drivers’ Fuel efficiency on the road and HOS knowledge, are the best indicator of their professional skills, attitude, and ability to handle all situations on the road.

4. Compliance with Regulations – Best Practices

Additional Services
  • customization of the documents as required by the client
  • consulting on:
    • Driver Investigation History file.
    • Previous employer check.
    • Driver Safety performance history.
    • Driver qualification and Hiring.
    • US medical qualification: Physical qualification, Exam. Medical Waiver.
    • Medical Examiner Certificate and Medical report, Instruction.
    • Driver Disqualification Guidance.
    • Driver penalties, driver acknowledgement.
  • Employment Application

5. Owner Operator Contract

Documents Additional Services
  • Professional Contract between the Company and the Owner operator
  • customization of the documents as required by the client


Documents Additional Services
  • What is CSA, C-TPAT and PIP – explanation?
  • C-TPAT sealing guide – ISO PASS 17712
  • High security seals catalog – Online source.
  • CSA, and PIP application and registration.
  • Online C-TPAT application, instruction.
  • Company Profile. Security Profile. Status Verification.
  • C-TPAT next level implementation. Required documents.

7. Customs

  • Permits to comply with Canada Customs regulations
    • PARS, instructions, printing companies.
  • Permits to compy with US Customs regulations:
    • PAPS, instruction, and application procedure
    • ACE Fact sheet
    • ACE Account application form, instructions
    • ACE E-Manifest provider
    • ACE E-Manifest Fax cover sheet
    • Customs clearance, Authorization letter
    • Inbound Manifest Form, Barcode Specifications, and Printing companies
Additional Services
  • Canada Bonded and Non-Bonded Carrier registration, including:
    • application for Non-bonded Carriers
    • application for Transact Bonded Carriers and Transact Insurance Bond
    • customization of documents as required by the client and application with the government institutions
  • USA Bonded Carrier application preparation

8. Decals, Stickers, Permits, Renewals

  • IFTA Registration, IFTA Decals, IFTA Quarterly Tax Report in: ON, KY, NM, NY, and OR
  • Weight Tax registration in: KY, NM, NY, and OR
  • Mileage annual Tax reports in AR, and KS
  • Annual renewals of BC Filing, SCAC Code, Form 2290, CVOR, US DOT, Unified Carrier Registration Program (UCR)
  • IRP Temporary Permits

9. Disability Insurance

We are ready to design your Disability Insurance Plan and the best coverage for your drivers and Owner operators.

10. Drivers’ FAST Program

  • Preparation of FAST applications for drivers

11. Drug and Alcohol Program

  • Establish a Drug and Alcohol Program
  • Monitoring Drug Pre-employment and Random Drug and Alcohol tests.
  • Monitoring Counseling program for Drug and Alcohol abusers.

12. Environment Regulations

  • Consult of Canadian and US Regulations for Heavy Duty Trucks
  • Application for a Waste Management System
  • Application for MOE number for waste and garbage haulers, garbage transferring depot, and construction opening sides.
  • Drive - Clean program. Heavy Vehicle Emission Report confirmation on-line.

13. Freight Delivery History

Documents Additional Services
  • Carrier conformation sheet
  • Local delivery sheet
  • Assigned seals
  • Delivery Schedule
  • Trip envelopes
  • Trip sheets
  • Expense Summary sheets for Owner operators and Company drivers
  • Bill of Lading
  • Processing of Drivers’ Trip sheets and Fuel efficiency calculation

14. HOS Regulations

  • Training in Drivers Daily Log (suitable for small and medium sized companies)

15. Maintenance of Trucks and Trailers

Documents Additional Services
  • Standard safety documents
  • Preventive Maintenance Report document for Truck, Trailer and Reefer unit
  • Monthly maintenance Report for Owner operators
  • Consulting on North America Inspection level, Schedule 1 Pre-trip Inspection, and Air brake maintenance requirements

16. Registration of Operating Authorities in Canada and US

  • Application and registration of all Operating Authorities in Canada and USA:
    • CVOR, US.DOT, MC Docket Number, BOC 3, Employment Identification Number, SCAC Alpha Code Certificate, Unified Carrier Registration
  • All permits required by Customs

17. Speed, Load, and MAX Legal Truck Loading and Dimensions

  • Max speed in the USA and Canada. The service includes all States in the USA, including Green, Blue, Black, and Yellow highways in California.
  • Load Securement Regulations in the USA (49 CFR, &393) and Canada (NSCS – 10).
  • Consulting on IRP Max Gross Weight, Canada Axle Weight Regulations, NAFTA Harmonization of Vehicle Weight and Dimension, California and Michigan loading Regulation, and all US and Canadian regulations

18. Safety Department Activities

Documents Additional Services
  • Comprehensive list of all Safety Department activities and their due dates/recurrence in Table format.
  • Can help with implementation and customization as required

19. Transponders

  • Application for User Decals and Transponders
  • Consulting on exchange, replacement and refund

20. Trucks IRP Office Registration

  • Application and registration of Company Fleets and Trucks with IRP Office, MTO.
  • Preparing of Fleet Renewals documents.
  • Preparation for IRP audit

21. WSIB Registration

  • Consulting on necessary registrations