Company Policies

Ensuring that your company is in compliance with regulations and authorities has become a priority.  The current environment of shrinking operating margins is forcing everyone to minimize unnecessary costs.  The first step to profitability is being in compliance and being proactive in eliminating costs associated with demerit points and penalties.  The second step is optimizing driver performance to minimize fuel and maintenance costs.

These are the following processes we will help you establish and monitor:

1) Confirming CVOR (Commercial Vehicle Operator's Registration) Compliance:

  • Monthly analysis (monitor violation rate and take necessary measures)
  • Maintenance and Update (if the fleet/drivers/mileage changes by 10-15% an update is recommended to reduce the violation rate).
  • Application of Drivers Incentives and Sanctions

2) Confirming CSA (Customs Self-Assessment) 2010 Compliance:

  • Monthly analysis
  • Maintenance and Update.
  • Drivers Incentives and Sanctions applied.

3) Creating, maintaining and updating an Accident Register Master and an Infraction Register Master.  Do you know who is responsible for most violations, who are your best drivers and who are the ones brining the most violations against your record?

4) Creating Accident Reports, file required documents, apply your Accident Investigation Policy, case evaluation and reporting to Insurance Company, Maintaining all drivers and company accidents and infractions, hiring Paralegal and Lawyers in Canada and the USA.

5) Driver Evaluation – compliance with the Rules and Regulation in Canada and the USA.
Evaluations can help you reduce cost associated with demerit points against the company, and minimizing fuel and maintenance costs.