Authorities and Permits

As a commercial freight operator you must register with and obtain the necessary authorities and permits, depending on your operations. K-TEX Transport provides a full service package.

  • CVOR Number
  • IFTA Account and Decals
  • US DOT Number, including PIN
  • BOC -3 - Process Agent Filing in the USA
  • MC Number – Operating Authority in the USA, including PIN
  • EIN – Employment Identification Number - IRS registration
  • Canada Carrier Code:
    • Non- Bonded Carrier
    • Bonded Carrier
  • SCAC Alpha Code
  • USA Bonded Carrier registration
  • USR registration
  • NY HUT Account number– State of New York registration
  • KYU File number – State of Kentucky File number registration
  • NM WDT – State of New Mexico Weigh Distance Tax number registration
  • OR File number – State of Oregon registration.
  • PAPS & PARS labels, A8A documents
  • Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) registration in Canada, the USA, and California
  • Border Transponders – USA Customs account and transponders registration
  • Pre-Pass Fleet registration – Pre-Pass transponders applied
  • Ambassador Bridge Fleet registration – Toll transponders applied.
  • Blue Water Fleet registration – Toll Border E–Cards applied

Renewal, Update & Fleet Inventory

The following permits must be renewed or updated periodicly.

  • CVOR,
  • US DOT
  • Bonded Carrier Insurance
  • SCAC Alpha Code
  • USR
  • NY HUT
  • NM WDT
  • KYU
  • OR
  • Hazardous materials
  • Border transponders
  • Pre-Pass
  • Form 2290- IRS Heavy Highway Use Tax Return

Fleet Services