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A comrehensive listing of Canadian and US weather tracking resources.

Government & Private Associations
A complete list of provincial and state DOT, and trucking associations and unions.

Technology Solutions
Plan your route and fuel up at cheaper gas stations, by looking up local fuel prices in all Provinces/States.
Find fuel stops in each Province/State and determine the cheapest truck stops for your trip.

Currency Converter
Find the current and historical exchange rates between US and Canadian Dollars.

Canadian General Freight Index
Track the Total Freight Costs and Fuel Surcharge paid by shippers. You can forecast changes in shipping cost to better plan for revenues and expenses, read the Nulogix blog.

Ceridian-UCLA Pules of Commerce Index (PCI)
It is based on real-time fuel consumption data for over the road trucking. By tracking the volume and location of diesel fuel being purchased, the index closely monitors the over the road movement of raw materials, goods-in-process and finished goods to U.S. factories, retailers and consumers. An uptick in the index means an improving economy and an increase in freight shippments.
  Trucking News Aggregator

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blog_button.jpg  Industry Blog
  We offer insight on industry events and demistify new regulations.

ical-blue-1-icon.png  Must Know Events
  Regulatory events that every company must track to avoid fines.

Job Sites
a list of sites specializing in trucking jobs

a list of sites to post and find freight loads

software tools to run a trucking company

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