Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Reminder

Posted by admin on July 12, 2012

Service Providers (ETF) Quarterly tax filing REMINDER

I received an email from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet as a reminder to file the Quarterly Taxes.  Some of the links may be useful to you:

As a Service Provider you may have signed up to pay your customers KYU, KIT or IFTA tax on-line. This is your reminder to let you know that you may begin filing your quarterly tax return.  Be sure to use the print function that appears on your screen after you have submitted the return, since this will serve as your copy of the filing.  We have included some key website locations for your convenience.

Information on Electronic Tax Filing:

IFTA Tax filing:                     

KIT Tax filing:              

KYU Tax filing:              

KY Division of Motor Carriers Website:

Verify Company Information:  

Change of Company Information form: 95-573.pdf      

Invalid or forgotten passwords: